Database Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boolean search supported?

Boolean operators are not supported. Search is by keyword and terms are AND'd together.

Is truncation available?

Terms are automatically truncated after six characters. For example: if entering Diabetes, results will automatically include, Diabetic. There is no need for ? or *.

Results are saying 3 but only 2 are showing?

Which browser are you using? For optimum database functionality and if you are experiencing any anomalies consider downloading and using FireFox.

Can I select all the selection boxes at one time?

There is no option to "select all" at this time.

How do I print the whole report?

The whole report cannot be printed at once. You can show 50 per page and then print each page.

I downloaded the MARC records but the links do not work.

The links in the database are updated but the MARC records are not. Download the links separately for reports that you wish to save.

How often is the database updated?

The database is updated on a bi-monthly basis with some records added on a weekly basis.

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